Hand-held UV lamps are widely used in biological research laboratory, mineralogist, the study of stamps, pictures, icons, etc. Available at different wavelengths, as well as combinations thereof.

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(Spectroline, USA)
The compact E-Series lamps provide various combinations of long, medium and/ or short wave UV. A corrosion-resistant, specular-aluminum reflector optimizes UV irradiance. All SW and MW models feature a unique LONGLIFE™ filter glass for higher initial UV transmission and maximum resistance to solarization. These lamps are available in choices of integrally filtered LW tubes (BLB) or unfiltered UV tubes with or without separate filter assemblies. Lamps with unfiltered tubes produce higher UV intensity while double-tube units provide broader UV coverage than their single-tube counterparts. Color-coded on/off switches, conveniently located at the top of the units, put irradiance control at your fingertips. The anodized-aluminum lamp housings are extremely rugged and durable. All lamps include a removable carrying handle. An optional lamp stand, shown at right, is available for hands-free operation.

• Choice of 4-watt, 5-watt, 6-watt and 8-watt models
• Available in all UV wavelengths (long-wave, medium-wave, short-wave) as well as germicidal lamps
• Single and dual wavelength combinations
• Filtered and unfiltered long-wave UV tubes
• Offered with or without filter assemblies
Compact, lightweight and rugged anodized aluminum housing
• Convenient carrying handle that snaps off for use with lamp stand
(Spectroline, USA)
Portable Enough to Go Anywhere, Powerful Enough to Do Most Anything!

• Your choice of 8 lightweight, compact models
• Lamp intensities up to twice as high as competitors' units!
• Versatile units are available in short, medium and long wave models for countless applications
• Lamps can operate 5 to 7 hours on ordinary "C" cell alkaline or NiCad rechargeable batteries!
• Separate LONGLIFE™ filter assembly on short and medium wave lamps lasts up to 50 times longer than conventional UV filters!
• Lamps are specially constructed to feel comfortable in your hand, even after hours of operation.
• The 6-watt lamps have a built-in carrying handle. The 4-watt models have either a convenient wrist carrying strap or use a snap-on carrying handle (available as an accessory).
MiniMAX™ Series
(Spectroline, USA)
The compact, lightweight and portable MiniMAX™ Series of lamps are available in a choice of 4-watt and 5-watt models with long-wave, short-wave and/or dual wavelength multi-band UV tubes. Some models also include white light for general illumination. LW and SW models are offered in both self-filtered and unfiltered versions. Short-wave and long-wave/short-wave UV multi-band lamps are also available with LONG-LIFE™ glass filters. All lamps feature a unique “shadow box” design that blocks room light and makes materials glow brightly. Ideal for microbiology, mutation studies, laboratory UV dosing and illumination and other life science applications!

4-Watt MiniMax™ Series
• Long-wave (365 nm), short-wave (254 nm) or dual wavelength/multi-band tubes
• With white light flashlight feature
• Self-filtered or with LONGLIFE™ glass filter

5-Watt MiniMax™ Series
• Long-wave (365 nm), short-wave (254 nm) or dual wavelength/multi-band tubes
• With or without white light flashlight feature
• Self-filtered or with LONGLIFE™ glass filter

5-Watt Germicidal MiniMax™ Series
• Unfiltered short-wave (254 nm) tube with restricted aperture
• Designed for UV sanitizing of disease-causing microorganisms and UV degradation studies