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AccuMAX™ Series for Laboratory
(Spectroline, USA)
Digital Microprocessor-Controlled Meters

• Features two advanced digital, microprocessor-controlled readout units (XF-1000 for fluorescent UV tubes; XR-1000 for HID UV bulbs) specially calibrated to complement a full line of interchangeable AccuMAX series sensor detectors
• Software-driven functions provide multifaceted light level reading
User-selectable, multilingual display settings. Choose from English, French, German and Spanish.
• Five user-customized settings and three main operation modes (absolute data/normal, autozeroing and integration) featuring hold, peak and back functions
• Overall accuracy of better than ±5% with reference to NIST standards
• Superior bandpass interference filter resists degradation and prevents undesirable radiation readings
• Excellent linearity and cosine response
• Choice of direct or USB cable connection between sensor detector and readout unit (XCB-50 USB cable included)
• Large, easy-to-read monochrome LCD screen
• Automatic shutoff and user-defined power save features
• Powered by two 9-volt alkaline batteries (included)
• Readout unit dimensions (W x L x H) : 4.25 in x 7.75 in x 1.25 in, 10.8 cm x 19.7 cm x 3.2 cm)
• Readout unit weight: 1.1 lb (499 g)
The AccuMAX series is designed to provide accurate readouts for UV irradiance, visible illuminance or luminance light readings. When equipped with an interchangeable sensor detector, the AccuMAX readout unit can be used to perform fluorescent inspection (intensity check through normal operation) and UV dosing (energy check through integration operation). Both the XR-1000 and XF-1000 readout units feature a sleek design and rugged housing, maximum 4-digit autoranging and easy-to-read 3 inch monochrome LCD screen with icons and alphanumeric display. A removable, rubber protective boot for the meter is included. A padded carrying case is available as an accessory.
Details Model XRP-3000 AccuMax for NDT
DM-365 XA
(Spectroline, USA)
Provides increased accuracy for more repeatable results.
• Measures UV-A light sources with overall accuracy of ± 5% per NIST standards
• Autozeroing, excellent linearity and cosine response, solid-state design, compact, durable, simple operation, battery-level indicator
• Sealed silicone photodiode protects against shock and humidity
• Sensor housing is constructed with series of baffles and unique self-sealing mechanism to eliminate light leakage
• Compact, lightweight and battery operated so measurements can be taken anywhere
• Complies with ASTM specifications for MPI and FPI
Readout Unit
Resolution - 10 μW/cm2
Screen - 4½ digit, 7 segment, LED display 0.5 in (1.3 cm) high
Overall Accuracy - Better than + 5% with reference to NIST standards
Temperature Coefficient - + 0.025%/°C (0 to 50°C)
Irradiance Range - 0-19,900 μW/cm2
Spectral Range - 320-400 nm
Power Requirements - Two “AA” alkaline batteries (included)
Length - 18.4 cm
Width - 8.9 cm
Thickness - 5.1 cm
Weight - 0.45 kg

Sensor Detector
Length - 7.6 cm
Width - 5.1 cm
Thickness - 1.8 cm
Weight - 0.57 kg
Cord Length - 91.4 cm

UV-A-light meter
(LABINO, Sweden)
Digital and Easy to Operate!
An instrument for accurate measurement of UV-A radiation.
• Measuring range: 0.1 – 200.000 W/cm2
• Spectral sensitivity: 315-390 nm
• Accuracy: better than ±4% (±1 in last digit)
• Power supply: 9 volt battery, type PP3 Alkaline (approx. 350 hrs operation)
• Dimensions: 135x75x35 mm or 5.3” x 2.9” x 1.4”
• Weight: 0.19 kg or 6.7oz
• Easy to operate with both automatic zeroing and on/off switch
• Includes a four-position range selection and a hold button for retaining the display value